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Aeriel Devices
The SkyJacker is our Articulated Non-Overcenter Aerial Device with working heights from 30' to 43'. These units are great for electrical contractors and lighting and sign companies, and they offer a very cost effective solution when needing a higher working height. ...
The SkyTracker is an Overcenter Aerial Device combining mid-range working heights with increased side reach capabilities.  ...

The UTEM SkyVan offers a 34' working height.  This unit mounts on a 1-ton Cargo Van and is completely stable without the use of outriggers, torsion bars, or counter-weight. 

The SkyTel35 is a steel outer boom with a telescopic inner boom.  The inner boom can be made from fiberglass, to provide electrical insulation; Aluminum, to minimize overall weight; or steel for maximum strength.  This unit provides a 34' working height and can mount on a 1-ton cab and chassis.  ...
The SkyTel41 is an Articulated/Telescopic Aerial Device that provides a 41' working height.  With a number of different options this unit is one of the most versatile small aerial devices on the market.  We offer this unit with both insulated and non-insulated booms, and can mount on any chassis with at least a 15,000lb GVW. ...
Very similar to the SkyTel41, the SkyTel46 provides an additional 5' of height creating an overall working height of 46'.  The Skytel46 is the largest of our "small aerial" product line and requires a GVW no less than 17,500lbs. ...
Lift-All Aerials
For working heights greater than 46' or for material handlers, we also carry the Lift-All product line. ...